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Artisan spirit; focus on quality; Wang Ye passed genuine pedal
A Leading Scooter Manufacturer
hejiang TaiZhou Wangye Power co.,Ltd, established in 1999, locates on the beach of scenic East Ocean, is one of the leading enterprises of scooter engine and scooter manufacture in Zhejiang Province, China. We produce high-quality and first-rate products including scooters, scooter engines, scooter engines production and sale. We have well-made engines assembled line, vehicles assembled line and vehicles painting line. and we have advancedequipments,full process development and test system with the engine lab of three coordinate CAD/CAM computer design, development center of vehicles technology, many kinds of dynamometers of engines test, vehicles chassis dynamometer and emission test house.
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Service hotline
Fax : 0086-576-84067877
Add : Taizhou Wangye Motorcycle LLC Jiangkou Street,Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang,China
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